Welcome to First Lighthouse Capital, LLC

As a recognized leader in commercial finance at the national level, we pride ourselves on having programs that rethink and outthink traditional business loans. That means a lot of things to us. It means having the best access to programs and terms that make traditional financial products attractive. It also means connecting our clients to other options, like leasebacks, cash advances, and creative financing options above and beyond traditional debt instruments. No matter what your business is looking to achieve, we have options designed for you.

Programs and Products

In addition to traditional SBA loans, commercial real estate loans, and other forms of secured business credit, we also provide

  • Accounts receivable financing
  • Franchise financing
  • Healthcare financing and practice loans
  • Merchant cash advance services
  • Equipment purchasing and leasing programs
  • Consumer finance packages
  • Unsecured business credit lines

There are a variety of options, and other services available as well. No matter how large or small a client company is, we have the credit programs they need to get ahead in their industry. Whether that means helping someone fund their company’s first real estate investment, finding startup funds, or working to orchestrate a change in ownership for an existing company, we have the experienced representatives you need to help work your deal.

First Lighthouse Capital, LLC is a recognized leader in the financial industry for a reason. Let us put those leadership qualities to work for your company. Contact us today.