Introducing Our Referral and Broker Program

Broker ReferralsFirst Lighthouse Capital, LLC is dedicated to working with the best talent in the business. That means more than just hiring the best representatives. It also means offering terms that attract the best dealmakers we can find. That means more than just finding the ones closest to us, it means being open to new opportunities in new locations. It also means committing to the idea of working with a national mindset, on a national scale.

Valuing Relationships

The value we place on relationships is the cornerstone of our referral and broker program. That means taking care of brokers who work with us regularly, but it also means making ourselves accessible to new people and new opportunities. First Lighthouse Capital, LLC welcomes all brokers and referrals. We are always happy to preview new deals and proposals as they are submitted. Our referral rates and commission fees are among the best in the field, and we make a point of always referring your clients back to you, whether we come to terms or not. Your deal is always your deal.

Work with the Best

Our broker program is currently recruiting. If you are wondering whether you would be a good fit, consider the following questions:

  • Are you looking for the opportunity to work from wherever you happen to be, independently?
  • Have you gotten tired of laying the groundwork for a deal, only to wind up with a tiny sliver of the commission?
  • Has your current employer ever turned down a deal because of a lack of resources for projects of that size and scope?
  • Would you like to be part of a team dedicated to funding your clients’ and vendors’ projects?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then we are interested in hearing more from you. To find out more about joining a growing, nationally recognized team of professionals, contact us today. First Lighthouse Capital, LLC is always looking to find the talent that is dedicated to pursuing each and every project with energy, drive, and tenacity.