Finance Your Receivables to Free Your Cash Flow

factoringFinancing receivables is one of the most time-tested methods for increasing a company’s cash flow and streamlining its business practices. Originally called factoring, the process typically involves an assessment of a company’s outstanding accounts. Afterward, we provide a cash advance based on both the volume and risk level of the total set of receivables, and we manage the collection of those accounts as they come in. The result is a low-risk, no-recourse way to get the operating cash your company needs.

Terms and Features

Since financing your accounts receivable involves setting up a cash advance and not applying for a traditional loan package, there are a few differences in the available features. Receivables financing includes:

  • Speedy approval, often in 24 hours
  • Credit insurance on your clients with no extra expense
  • No-recourse financing
  • No fixed payments
  • Flexibility to finance as needed

Uses and Benefits

Since receivable financing does not involve loans, it can be used to get the quick cash needed to service large or unexpected orders when your cash flow is down because of outstanding debts owed to your company. Very few other options exist for this kind of quick cash infusion, and none of them offer the side benefit of having your receivables managed for you.

To learn more about how financing receivables can work for your company, contact one of our representatives today.