Equipment Leasing and Financing Options

equipment-financingOur equipment financing options are designed to help companies that are facing the hard choice between purchasing and leasing the equipment they need. No matter how big or small your business is, this is a question that is always difficult to consider, and the answers vary according to so many factors that it’s difficult to develop a general rule-of-thumb about when to buy and when to lease. Luckily, with a variety of loans and equipment leasing options, First Lighthouse Capital, LLC is ready to help, no matter which direction your next purchase goes in.

Startup Financing

Our startup program is designed to connect new companies to their initial equipment purchases, there are options for both buying and leasing. While many financial institutions have difficulty lending to startup companies, we pride ourselves on doing what needs to be done to keep financing accessible.

Leasebacks and “Plan B” Options

One way we make financing more accessible is through our leaseback options. This involves selling your equipment to us and then entering into a regular lease agreement to retain the use of your old equipment. Under the lease, you no longer need to worry about extended payments and you are free to upgrade without considering outstanding loans attached to your old machines.

Why Do Companies Lease?

Leasing equipment can be used to defer many of the disadvantages associated with equipment financing through traditional loan vehicles. This is because they feature:

  • Low monthly payments for a set term
  • No expansion of a company’s debt footprint
  • Tax and accounting advantages
  • Easy upgrade option that eliminate concerns about depreciation and obsolescence

Leasing with Us

First Lighthouse Capital, LLC prides itself on having the options you need when your company needs new equipment. Whether you are financing traditional term loans for new machines or you’re looking to lease so that you can upgrade flexibly as the need arises, we have experienced representatives on hand to answer your questions. All you need to do is contact us.