Get Fast Funding to Use as You See Fit With Merchant Cash Advances

Merchant Cash AdvanceFirst Lighthouse Capital can help your business free up needed working capital with merchant cash advances. We provide this type of financing in exchange for future incoming payments to your merchant account. We can offer a merchant cash advance worth up to $200,000 for every business location that you operate.

A Convenient Alternative to Traditional Loans

Our cash advances are typically more flexible and more readily available than traditional loans. If you accept merchant account payments from major credit cards, including MasterCard, Discover, Visa and American Express, we can usually make your advance available within one week. You can use your funding for virtually any business-related purpose, from marketing to growth, without worrying about waiting on approval.

Special Perks of Our Program

Merchant cash advances are the ideal solution if conventional financing isn’t available to your business. Even if you qualify for other loans, our program offers several distinct advantages, including:

  • Minimal unnecessary expenses. You don’t have to pay to apply for this financing or close it out.
  • Variable payments. Your payments are based on your incoming merchant account payments, so you can always meet your monthly obligations.
  • No effect on equity. You don’t have to give up any equity to secure this financing.

Our program also makes repayment simple, since your obligations are deducted directly from your incoming merchant account payments.

Secure Your Financing Today

Don’t let limited resources or cash flow hold your business back. Contact First Lighthouse Capital today to learn more about securing efficient and flexible financing through our merchant cash advance program.