Purchase Order Funding Puts New Projects Within Reach

Purchase Order FinancingPurchase order financing is a great way to fund large projects on their own merits, because it allows us to make a cash advance based on the size of incoming purchase orders before they are fulfilled. This puts working capital in the hands of our clients quickly, allowing them to move ahead with the fulfillment of large orders by acquiring the means to import products or purchase the raw materials necessary to their manufacture.

First Lighthouse Capital, LLC offers both letters of credit and other methods of production financing for works in progress, and our program offers the following benefits:

  • Increased working capital without increasing your debt footprint.
  • Working cash to help you ensure the timely delivery of products to your customers.
  • More flexibility and reach when it comes to fulfilling large orders.

Purchase order financing is fast and flexible, and when it is used to expand your business’s reach, it allows companies to increase their market share. Since it is based on the size of your works in progress, it is ideally suited for companies with little credit history or temporary cash flow difficulties.

If you are an importer, domestic manufacturer, or producer, consider what purchase order funding can do to help speed along your next project. For more details, contact a representative with First Lighthouse Capital, LLC today. We are ready to answer your questions.