Commercial Real Estate FinancingThere are distinct advantages to loans that are based on your business assets and income, rather than your overall credit portfolio and history, and learning their best uses is a vital part of elevating any company’s growth strategy. We understand those needs, which is why First Lighthouse Capital, LLC has put together a competitive program for stated income commercial real estate loans.

Stated income loans are determined by a property’s ability to earn, so they are ideally suited for multi-unit commercial/residential properties, retail spaces, office parks, and other revenue-generating commercial properties.

Available Terms and Limits

These loans are available for the purchase and renovation of a variety of commercial properties, but the terms do change depending on the property type and size. We typically offer approved applicants

  • Up to 70% LTV for investment properties that are not owner-occupied and that have 1-4 units.
  • Up to 75% LTV for investment properties with 5 or more units, non-owner-occupied.
  • UP to 65% LTV for other kinds of properties, such as office spaces, warehouses, retail properties, auto shops, and similar commercial properties.

A credit score of 600 is needed to qualify, and qualified applicants typically receive between $100,000 and $5 million.

Get the Most from Your Properties

These loans can be used for purchasing and refinancing, including a cash-out refinance. This makes them ideal for clients looking to consolidate debt in an easy-to-budget way, improving overall business cash flow and making it easier to work out your next expansion. They are also useful as a method of freeing up working capital when it’s time to make that move, giving you the cash you need to purchase new properties outright, fund renovations, or finance property expansions.

Stated income real estate loans are an easily managed way to take that next step. When you are ready, let us help. Get in touch with a representative from First Lighthouse Capital, LLC to talk about the available options for your properties, and see what stated income loans can do for your business plan.